Bristol University Students Selected for Summer Internship at Q-Free TDC

This summer, Q-Free TDC have taken on two first-year Bristol University students for a 10-week internship which will reinforce our commitment to supporting the development of highly-skilled professionals. This opportunity will allow the students to gather valuable real-life experience during the summer months, and ultimately make use of our great facilities to create a new piece of equipment.

After whittling the initial batch of applications down to a strong shortlist, Production Manager Sara Slade and Head of Operations Gary Evans made their way to Bristol University to interview the candidates. The successful applicants, Matt Duffin and Ben Allen, are both 4-year Computer Science degree students.

Matt, a keen windsurfer who also enjoys coding and playing video games, is looking forward to gaining some valuable experience before heading into his second year. Ben is passionate about all extreme sports, but skiing and rock climbing in particular. In working with us, they hope to get a better notion of the careers they ultimately want to pursue.

Their primary project goal is to create a new piece of testing apparatus in the form of a vehicle simulator device that can replace in-road sensors including piezos and loops. It will ultimately be used by production staff and customers alike to test Q-Free TDC equipment (and, possibly, that of our competitors) as well as simulate traffic to assist in product development. Our existing simulator has a limited user interface, and many of its components have been discontinued, so a capable replacement will be tremendously useful.

Two of our current software developers, Pavan Kumar C and Gururaj Kulkarni, interned with us while at Bristol University, and were offered roles here after completing their degrees. Additionally, Niki Slade, a trainee who has been with us since studying at college and recently returned from a 3-month project at Q-Free HQ in Trondheim, will start her master's degree course in September.

As you can see, at Q-Free TDC we understand that companies working with educational facilities benefits everyone involved immensely. Accordingly, we are extremely confident that Matt and Ben will find their time with us very useful, and produce some excellent work in the process.

The successful candidates, Matt Duffin and Ben Allen, each currently studying for a 4-year Computer Science degree at the University of Bristol, were selected from a pool of 12 strong applicants.