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Solutions: Bluetooth™ Journey Time Monitoring

The system detects anonymous Bluetooth™ signals transmitted by visible Bluetooth™ devices located inside vehicles. This uses low-cost, non-intrusive technology in a sealed IP68 unit.

HI-TRAC® BLUE2 Traffic Monitoring

The system detects anonymous BluetoothTM signals transmitted by visible BluetoothTM devices located inside vehicles. This data is then used to calculate traffic journey times and movements. It's robust and reliable design, ultra low power consumption and extended battery life make it the preferred BluetoothTM traffic survey tool for leading Traffic Survey Companies.

In practice a HI-TRAC® BLUE2 unit reads the unique MAC address of visible BluetoothTM devices that are passing the system. These include mobile phones, PDAs, hands-free kits, GPS on board units and laptops. The MAC address data is transmitted by the HI-TRAC® BLUE2 via GPRS or cabled Ethernet TCP/IP connection to a central server and database. MAC addresses from other HI-TRAC® BLUE2 systems are then matched to determine traffic journey times and movements.

  • Journey times for long & short distances
  • Origin & destination traffic matrix
  • Alternative route planning
  • On-line real-time traffic information can be used to update Variable Message Signs
  • Supports traffic schemes designed to reduce congestion & CO2 emissions

HI-TRAC® BLUE2 Pedestrian and Crowd Monitoring

The system detects anonymous Bluetooth™ signals transmitted by visible Bluetooth™ devices carried by pedestrians. This calculates real time data, including crowd numbers and behaviours. It was used during the London 2012 Olympic Games around key venues and transport destinations, transmitting data every 5 minutes via GPRS to a central server. This produced a picture of how many people were going to and from venues, how long they stayed at each one and what their travel habits were, which in turn helped inform venue and transport management decision making.

  • Temporary or permanent system
  • Journey and queuing times
  • Pedestrian and crowd numbers
  • Movements to and from destinations
  • Length of stay at key points
  • Travel habits
  • On-line real-time dashboard provides pedestrian crowd intelligence and can be used to update Variable Message Signs
  • Helps reduce congestion in and around venues and events
  • Informs transport management decisions

Key Features

“ The automotive industry is a steadily growing market for Bluetooth® technology, with Bluetooth enabled hands-free calling systems now included as standard equipment on millions of new cars and trucks. All 12 of the world's major car manufacturers offer Bluetooth hands-free calling systems in their vehicles. "




Drakewell C2 Software

C2 Web Reports

Drakewell's C2-Web is fast becoming the industry's 'go-to' software solution, delivering fast and accurate traffic data that is easily sharable via a web browser. Users are no longer tied to manufacturer specific software and only need C2-Web and a browser to access their data which is securely stored and backed up on Drakewell cloud-based servers available 24/7.

Drakewell Features: 'Live' Traffic Data, Accurate Reporting, Easy to use, User Shareable Data, Cost Effective, Cloud Based & Client Server Hosting, Automatic Checking and Validation of Data.

Bluetooth™ Monitoring Technical Datasheet

For additional information and key facts about Bluetooth™ Monitoring, please download our Technical Datasheet, or view our Related Products.

Bluetooth™ Monitoring Technical Datasheet

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