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Solutions: Traffic Counters & Classifiers

TDC Systems offers a complete range of Automatic Vehicle Counter (AVC) Classifiers. This range includes: volumetric counters, loop profiling counter classifiers, axle classifiers, hand-held data loggers and non-intrusive counter classifiers.

Inductive Loop Counting and Classification (HI-TRAC® UTC-L, HI-TRAC® EMU2/3, HI-TRAC® TMU2)

For volumetric counting, one inductive loop is installed per traffic lane. Volumetric Counters provide volume count and per vehicle information including time and headway. A basic classification algorithm can distinguish several classes of vehicle. With loop profiling classification, two inductive loops are installed per traffic lane. This provides vehicle counting and classification to Euro6 (or similar) vehicle classification specifications.

TDC Systems' HI-TRAC® range of Loop Counter Classifiers

These use established loop sensor technology with TDC Systems' advanced loop profiling function to detect mixed traffic, recording vehicle speed, length, classification, gap and headway.

Our HI-TRAC® Loop Counter Classifiers can also provide statistical data to show the pattern of highway traffic - helpful in monitoring events and detecting incidents.

Axle Classifiers (HI-TRAC® UTC-P, HI-TRAC® WIM, HI-TRAC® TMU4)

The TDC range of axle classifiers use two piezo electric sensors per traffic lane. They provide a low-cost solution for vehicle counting and classification to the UK Department for Transport (DfT) 20 Class Scheme, FHWA 13 Category Scheme, AUSTROADS or similar specification. A road inductive loop installation is optional and has the added benefit of providing loop profiling chassis signature analysis.

Key Features

TDC's Traffic Classifiers & Counters comprise a small, low-power, low-cost electronic system that can be used to accurately detect buses, allow extension of the Green Light, and transmit an alarm to the Traffic Signal Controller when necessary.


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Drakewell C2 Software

C2 Web Reports

Drakewell's C2-Web is fast becoming the industry's 'go-to' software solution, delivering fast and accurate traffic data that is easily sharable via a web browser. Users are no longer tied to manufacturer specific software and only need C2-Web and a browser to access their data which is securely stored and backed up on Drakewell cloud-based servers available 24/7.

Drakewell Features: 'Live' Traffic Data, Accurate Reporting, Easy to use, User Shareable Data, Cost Effective, Cloud Based & Client Server Hosting, Automatic Checking and Validation of Data.

Traffic Counters & ClassifiersTechnical Datasheet

For additional information and key facts about Traffic Counters & Classifiers, please download our Technical Datasheet, or view our related products.

Traffic Counters & ClassifiersTechnical Datasheet

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